Change the life of those, who have no hope!
Your donation will save poor people from begging!
Orphans need your help to survive!
Let’s build the world without child abuse and neglect!
Give your helping hand to those who need it!

    VJM has opened Two World Class Orphanages with all the modern facilities at Surat (Gujrat) and Kanpur (U.P). Over two hundred orphans are receiving high

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    VJM has made a beginning by setting up the schools while adopting orphans and destitute children in violence hit naxalite areas and poverty ridden slum /poor areas

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    Discrimination against female children in India has been subject of concern and sociological significance. The female child in India is often deprived from her right

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    Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidhyapeeth - a unique center of ancient and modern discipline of learning is located in Anand Dham Ashram, Delhi. Maharaj Shri laid

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How Can You Help!

VJM has recognized and pioneered the following areas for the welfare of children:

1. Adopt Orphans
2. Child Education

Please come forward to extend a helping hand to these destitute and join this sacred crusade of world awakening mission. Think about the difference you can make and smile you can bring on an innocent face by a very small pledge that may be less than your one time meal.

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Our Mission is to Help those who need it! Change the life of those, who have no hope!

HH Sudhanshu Ji MaharajToday there are millions of children in India who have no parents, food, clothing, or access to medical/emotional care. While the majority of these children are dying of malnutrition, their living conditions are poor. They are deprived of the basic right to live. How can be the mute spectators? Maharaj Shri has given us the inspiration to call to serve god in these helpless children, bring back smiles on their faces, move the anguish and distress from their lives and share our love with these unfortunate children. No doubt, you adore the relives of God carved by human-beings on stone, wood or clay, but it is ironical that live figures created by God (poor, helpless, and orphan children), who need your love and affection, help and support to sustain their self’s all together ignored. For such children devote yourself whole-heartedly. Only then you will realize the existence and nearness of the almighty.

Featured Projects

Vishwa Jagriti Mission
Vidya Mandir

World Class Orphanage with all the modern facilities at Surat (Gujrat).
Over two hundred orphans are receiving high class education at par with the best public schools. Proper attention is paid for their overall development by providing the facilities such as education, sport, computer education and other activities.

Gyan Vidyapeeth
Kanya Vidyalaya

Gyan Vidyapeeth Girls School to educate and empower girl child.
To overcome this unjust social issue, VJM has instigated a school for girls, in the Faridabad (Haryana). Started with 28, now 600 girls are studying here. Books, uniforms, breakfast and snacks are provided to them free of cost.

Public School

Public Schools in Khunti and Rukka, Ranchi district - Jharkhand.
More than 700 children are getting free education, meals, uniforms, books, stationary etc. in tribal areas in order to equip children with best education to enable them for employment and a successful life in modern times.