Why to Sponsor

Today, there are millions of children who have no parents, food, clothing or access to medical/emotional care. While the majority of these children are dying of malnutrition, folio6their living conditions are poor. They are deprived of the basic right to live. How can we be the mute spectators? Maharaj Shri has given us a clarion call to serve God in these helpless children, bring back smiles on their faces, remove the anguish and distress from their lives and share our love with these unfortunate children.

We adore the reliefs of God carved by human-beings on stone, wood, or clay, but it is ironical that humans created by God (poor, helpless, and orphan children), who need our love and affection, help and support to sustain themselves, are ignored altogether. For such children, devote yourself whole-heartedly. Only then you will realize the existence and nearness of the Almighty.

Many children are forced by the cruel hands of destiny to spend their lives on the footpaths and in slums. Their condition is appalling and their dreams of a bright future are at the verge of dying. A childhood spent sobbing in the slums is what will remain as life continues. The mission has brought into existence Gyandeep Vidalaya in the industrial town of Faridabad with the primary objective of educating girls. This is where the children of rag pickers, garbage collectors, and daily wage earners are provided education to enrich their lives. The school started with just twenty eight girls and now five hundred girls are part of the program. In 2008 the program began to incorporate evening classes for boys in order to help them live their dreams and build a great career and life. Our scriptures propound that those who donate money for a good cause will be honored and will earn good Karmas. You will be a blessed human being if you can give an orphan a chance to live, bring a smile to a sad face, and provide hope to the hopeless.

Be a guardian and savior of those who are discarded by the society, those who are helpless, and those who are malnourished, sick, and infirm. If you contribute and become a partner in reshaping the life of orphan and abandoned children then you earn the countless blessings of God and Guru. No task can be more important than serving God as children are the innocent form of God. Wipe the tears of a crying child, feed the hungry children, provide medical facilities to sick children, and provide support to an orphan and educate an illiterate child, only then you can justify your existence on this planet.

If you want to be a partner in the service to Humanity, then come forward and join the service crusade to bring smile in the lives of orphans and ensure their bright future.


How can you help?

VJM has recognized and pioneered the following areas for the welfare of children:folio2

  1. Adopt Orphans
  2. Child Education

Child sponsorship is a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child. When you become a VJM Sponsor, you will help a child get free from the clutches of poverty and gift the child a future full of hope. It is also a relationship that extends to the child’s family and the community.

Think about the difference you can make and smile you can bring on an innocent face by a very small pledge that may be less than your one time meal.

How Donations flow

VJMNA will e-mail you a profile and photograph of the child you have sponsored, followed by regular updates on his/her progress. You can send your pledge to us in advance every months (or one time for 10 year adoption) by conveniently signing up here to be securely charged from your credit card or bank account every month/quarter. Your giving will dramatically improve the course of their life. VJMNA will also facilitate a visit to our project locations while you are visiting India.