post1Vishwa Jagriti Mission (VJM) is a social welfare organization established by Shri Sudhanshuji Maharaj in the year 1991. The Mission strives to take the suffering humanity from sorrow to bliss, disharmony to harmony and self-service to serving the humanity irrespective of religion, caste and creed. VJM – North America is a branch of this gigantic tree of Vishwa Jagriti Mission. The VJMNA has been moving forward spreading the love and light along with the golden principles of His Holiness Sudhanshuji Maharaj. It has become engaged in several missionary activities for the citizens of our community including Humanitarian Services, Child and Youth Education, Spiritual camps, etc. here in the North America.The Mission is trying to free the society and the harassed humanity from antipathy, animosity, malice, hatred, violence and revenge.

Children are invariably described as the treasure and future of mankind. It is because of this premise that their development has been considered of paramount importance. Nevertheless, denial of adequate opportunities for their development and various forms of discrimination and exploitation, they are subject to have made the world community to review the conditions in which they are brought up and take steps for their protection, well-being and all round development.

In the absence of a strong public welfare system, children are profoundly affected as their parents decease, setting them on a long trail of painful experiences often characterized by economic hardships, lack of attention, withdrawal from school, psychological distress, loss of inheritance, malnutrition and illness.

Indian has more orphaned children than any nation in the world – estimated to more than the entire population of state of California. These orphans in India and are subject to malnutrition, discrimination, bad company and suffering of all kinds. They need a caring hand and touching heart. If they are looked after by loving and competent persons, they will be saved from unsocial and traumatize impacts, and who knows, one day they may shine as the crown of humanity. There are 18 million street children in India. There are 100 million child laborers in India. Over 59 million children in India have no access to regular school. One out of two children between the ages of 6 and 14 has no access to primary education.

EtiamIn the face of magnitude of the problem, government civil society’s support has been weak. So far orphans have failed to receive the attention they deserve. The most critical challenge facing us is to develop effective responses that match the scale of the problem. Highly committed wayfarer on the path of service to humanity Sudanshu ji Maharaj was deeply moved by the trauma and agony of abandoned children, the orphans, and the street urchins, rag pickers, and slum dwellers. He realized their plight and felt their pain that instead of being in schools they are forced to work and fall prey to anti-social elements. He took upon himself the responsibility to rehabilitate and the care of these children.

To bring joy and security in the lives of these unfortunate children Mission launched Bal Vikas Yojna(Child development project) No one cares for these unfortunate children. Children are invariably described as a treasure and future of mankind. It is because of this premise that their development has been considered of paramount importance. Nevertheless, denial of adequate opportunities for their development and various forms of discriminations and exploitations to which they are subjected move our Compassionate Guru to come forward for their protection, well-being and development. Mission adopted such children and set an example for others to emulate.

Children are the dawn of our life, they are the future of our Nation, they are the source of energy. A smile of a child is the doorway to divinity and is a priceless gift to humanity. This smile is snatched from the faces of some children and their faces are engulfed in sadness and dejection. Mission has taken on itself the responsibility to restore this smile, inculcate in them our values, and make them self-reliant and proud citizen. To achieve this Mission under the Bal Vikas Yojna (Child Development Project) launched many schemes to make them disciplined, value based, well-nourished and has ensured their all-round development.

post2In the Naxal affected areas of Jharkhand where children are forced to work in Brick kilns or undergo hard work for sheer survival or migrate in search of jobs with their parents. To cater to the needs of such children Mission has opened two Schools in 2002 and in 2004 at Rukka and at Kunjla where six hundred children are being provide with best of education, books dress and midday meals. These children are rewriting their destiny.

Children who lost their parents due to earthquake in Gujrat and due to Naxal problem in Jharkhand, to secure their future Mission established world class Bal Ashrams (Child sanctuaries) at Surat in Gujrat and  Kanpur in UP in 2005. These Bal Ashrams are equipped with modern day world class facilities and have all the amenities which the well to do children enjoy. Hundreds of children are being  taken care of in these Bal Ashrams. These children are not only provided the best of education but also are also the love and affection which they crave for and are deprived of by the cruel hands of destiny. Our Bal Ashrams have excellent facilities for their all-round development, computer training, and facilities for developing their skills in sports and arts. Our children have won many medals at the junior national boxing championship. To provide the best of education to our children VJM has opened a public schools in Surat and have plans to open such schools in other cities as well.