Securing our Future – Giving a Helping Hand

folio9Children are the dawn of our life, they are the future of our world, they are the source of energy. A smile of a child is the doorway to divinity and is a priceless gift to humanity. This smile is snatched from the faces of some children and their faces are engulfed in sadness and dejection. Mission has taken on itself the responsibility to restore this smile, inculcate in them our values, and make them self-reliant and proud citizen. To achieve this Mission under the Baal Vikas Yojna (Child Development Project) launched many schemes to make them disciplined, value based, well-nourished and has ensured their all-round development. To secure the future of Children who lost their parents due to untowardly incidents as well as to educate the children who cannot afford the quality education, Mission has established world class Baal Ashrams (Child sanctuaries) and Public Schools since the year 2005. These Baal Ashrams are equipped with modern day world class facilities and have all the amenities which the well to do children enjoy. Hundreds of children are being taken care of in these Baal Ashrams. These children are not only provided the best of education but also are also the love and affection which they crave for and are deprived of by the cruel hands of destiny. Our Baal Ashrams have excellent facilities for their all-round development including STEM, computers, sports and arts.


VJM has opened Two World Class Orphanages with all the modern facilities at Surat (Gujrat) and Kanpur (U.P). Over two hundred orphans are receiving high class education at par with the best public schools. Proper attention is paid for their overall development by providing the facilities such as education, sport, computer education and other activities. In the national junior boxing championship our boys have won several medals. To impart proper values-based high quality education, the mission has establishes Vishwa Jagriti Mission Vidya Mandir Public School at Surat which is recognized by the government of Gujarat. VJM planned to set up several such homes for the orphans at other places also in the near future which will indeed  serve at benchmark for other organizations to emulate.


VJM has already made a beginning by setting up adopting the orphans and destitute children in Jharkhand where the Naxalites have killed the earning members of the family and/or in some of the cases, both the father and mother of a child have been killed. For such children where poverty is rampant and living conditions are harsh, where parents migrate to see livelihood and children are forced to work in brick-kilns or left abandoned, VJM runs Two English Medium Public Schools in Khunti and Rukka, Ranchi district where more than 700 children are getting free education, meals, uniforms, books, stationary etc. Mission is working to open many more such schools in tribal areas in order to equip children with best education to enable them for employment and a successful life in modern times.


Plight of street children in India is perhaps the worst in the world. We have over 10 million children forced to live and die on roads or live in slums where the living conditions are alarming. Educating a girl child is to teach the family with this in view, Gyandeep Public School has been established in Faridabad (Haryana), where the children of rag-pickers / laborers are receiving education and all the other facilities free of cost. Over whelmed by the parents response and with the view to ensure that their hitherto uncared boys – instead of becoming pick-pocketers/criminals – also get a due place in the society, a second shift for boys with similar facilities, is also being run since Aug. 2007. The strength of boys at present is 300. This school has duly been recognized by the government of Haryana.


Discrimination against female children in India has been subject of concern and sociological significance. The female child in India is often deprived from her right of an education. To overcome this unjust social issue, VJM has instigated “Gyan Vidyapeeth Kanya Vidyalaya”, a school for girls, in the Faridabad (Haryana). Started with 28, now 600 girls are studying here. Books, uniforms, breakfast and snacks are provided to them free of cost.


Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidhyapeeth – a unique center of ancient and modern discipline of learning is located in Anand Dham Ashram, Delhi. Revered Maharaj Shri laid the foundation of this Gurukul on 2nd October, 1999 and in the beginning Updeshaks were trained. In 2006 it was re-christened and reshaped as Baal-Gurukul.  Now Vatuk (child-ascetic) students pursue their study here as per the curriculum of the Sanskrit University of Varanasi, alongwith the Vedas, the Puranas, the Ramayana, Geeta and Grammar besides Yajna, Yoga, Music, Computer, Judo Karata etc.  The daily needs of the students such as food, clothes, residence and education are taken care of by Vishwa Jagriti Mission. Gurukul represents a comprehensive attempt of safeguarding the divine culture of India.